What am I upto?

I am an Open-Source Engineer at LocalStack working on changing the way software and systems engineers build and test modern cloud-native applications.


I'm a Software engineer with experience in Web engineering, DevOps, Python, and cloud engineering. My experience revolves around building full-stack services, DevOps pipelines, Python libraries, cloud infrastructure with a special interest in scripting and automation. My career focus is on building scalable, high-performance, and reliable services, along with an active interest in working with open-source communities, advocacy, and technical writing.

Areas of Expertise

Languages Frameworks/ Platforms/ Libraries
Python 3.x, JavaScript Flask, Express
Node.js, React.js, Jest
Tailwind CSS
Docker, MySQL GitHub Actions, Selenium, Neo4j
Amazon Web Services, OpenShift
Version Control Areas of Interest
Git (GitHub, GitLab) Serverless, Generative AI, Containers

Past Experience

Software Engineer - HackerRank

Remote, January 2022 - June 2022

Working with the Editors & Platform Team at HackerRank on cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) solutions for HackerRank Work and Interview platform.

  • Developed initial prototypes to enable Python interpreter and REPL execution on the browser using WebAssembly & Pyodide.
  • Integrated a Runtime Error Overlay for HackerRank's in-house browser-based bundling and preview library to improve the developer experience.
  • Automated the deployment of HackerRank's bundling and preview library over a Static file server using GitHub Actions & Google Container Registry.
  • Optimized continuous integration & deployment jobs for HackerRank's core IDE feature by ~50% using container caching and fixing Docker bugs.

Technology: JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, WebAssembly, GitHub Actions, Google Container Registry, BASH

Software Engineer - Nethermind

Remote, October 2021 - January 2022

Worked with the Angkor (DevOps) team at Nethermind, responsible for processes & operations related to product development and engineering on the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Built organization-wide CI/CD pipelines for various projects like Nethermind (.NET Core Ethereum client), Voyager (Alpha Block Explorer), One-Click validator & Melange (Ethereum event subscriber).
  • Collaborated on Melange, a plug and play pipeline project to serve Ethereum and Layer-2 event data with higher correctness and uptime guarantees.
  • Developed benchmarks for Melange against popular Blockchain Explorers like Blocknative and Etherscan while optimizing scaling and performance.
  • Integrated serverless functions using AWS Lambda to track and validate over 12,000+ operational Gnosis Chain & Nethermind validators while presenting critical business insights and analytics.
  • Deployed several complex services, including Iron Fish nodes, Geth Nodes, Gรถrli Testnets and clients like Erigon.
  • Configured and deployed Wierguard IPsec VPN as the organization-wide VPN solution and implemented security features such as two-factor authentication.
  • Wrote algorithmic implementations, like Pedersen Hash & Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm for Nethermind's Juno, a StarkNet client in Go.
  • Developed a cross-platform scheduled job to measure and track memory consumption & utilization across Nethermind nodes and take prompt action further.

Technology: Golang, Python, GitHub Actions, YAML, Ansible, AWS (EC2, Lambda, ECS, CloudFormation, S3, EventBridge), BASH

Software Engineer - Economize Cloud

Remote, July 2021 - December 2021

Worked with Economize, a Software-as-a-Service, that helps analyze, manage, and optimize cloud infrastructure costs & billing better with transparent reporting on billing, cost management and more.

  • Redesigned the companyโ€™s landing page taking in the best UX practices to support more sophisticated insights into the product.
  • Proposed delivering recommendations on the right requests and limits for a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster and devised a solution using the Metrics API.
  • Deployed and maintained the teamโ€™s knowledge base using Outline on an AWS EC2 instance that allowed team members to browse internal documentation and resources.
  • Built and integrated dashboards on various BI tools like Looker, Tableau and Data Studio to generate intelligent insights and develop comparison metrics against the company's primary product.
  • Applied modern SEO practices to optimize keyword rankings and organic listings while using analytics toolings to build a continuous improvement pipeline.
  • Managed the company's engineering blog (, and contributed articles on the Google Cloud platform, product updates, FinOps and more.
  • Configured a Slack Release Bot using GitHub Actions to post updates while building and pushing the application image on Google Container Registry.

Software Engineer - Quansight Labs

Remote, July 2021 - September 2021

Worked with the Quansight Labs, the open-source research division of Quansight, on re-engineering continuous integration pipelines for Scipy, open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering.

  • Revamped the continuous integration pipelines for Scipy using GitHub Actions using Meson build system.
  • Implemented build caching and compiler caching using Ccache to reduce the CI build time by 70%.
  • Collaborated with senior engineers to migrate Scipyโ€™s build system to Meson and parallelizing CI providers.
  • Refactored continuous integration scripts for local workflow runs using GitHub Actions and Act, thus ensuring local reproduction.
  • Shaved off 30% of the build time off the continuous integration pipeline for the macOS test for Scipy using GitHub Actions.
  • Implemented benchmarking on the continuous integration pipeline for Scipy using Airspeed Velcity & GitHub Actions.

Technology: GitHub Actions, Act, Python, Meson, Scipy, Ccache, YAML, ASV

Technical Writer & Developer - Google Season of Docs (moja global)

Remote, April 2021 - November 2021 (8 Months)

Working with the moja global's Technical Steering Committee to audit, prepare and develop technical documentation, tutorials, and case studies under the mentorship of Sabita Rao and Sagar Utekar. Google Season of Docs provides an opportunity for technical writers across the world to contribute to open-source software.

  • Collaborated with the Technical Steering Committee to spearhead a Documentation working group of 140+ volunteers to contribute to moja global's open-sourced documentation.
  • Prepared a detailed analysis and documentation for the data preparation tools used to implement the GCBM in Chile, developed in-house at moja global.
  • Developed moja global's documentation style guide and content strategy for the overall content and brand revamp.
  • Refactored contributing and governance documentation at moja global for seamless navigation and understanding.
  • Built continuous integration pipelines for various moja global projects to improvise build testing for better contributions.
  • Writing developer documentation for understanding module development using FLINT at moja global by collaborating with GSoD volunteers.
  • Contributed to various projects under the moja global umbrella: FLINT.Cloud, FLINT UI, FLINT JSON Editor, and more.
  • Mentoring, assisting, and guiding fellow contributors under the moja global umbrella; Led a 400+% growth in the community size over six months.

Technology: Markdown, C++, Git, Sphinx, React, Docusaurus, Markdown, R, GitHub Actions

Student Developer - Google Summer of Code (MetaCall)

Remote, May 2021 - August 2021 (4 months)

Worked with MetaCall, to develop a Polyglot Jupyter kernel using the IPython machinery for the MetaCall Core library under the mentorship of Gil Arasa Verge. Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.

  • Developed the initial product centered around bringing an IPython kernel for inter-language function calls.
  • Built and integrated a Polyglot REPL using NodeJS & MetaCall Core to the IPython kernel.
  • Implemented and improved user-experience features centered around using the kernel with the Jupyter client.
  • Implemented CI/CD using GitHub actions and set up container-based deployment using Docker on Binder.
  • Delivered a full-fledged documentation website for the MetaCall Jupyter Kernel using Sphinx and ReadTheDocs.

Technology: IPython, Jupyter Notebook, Python, GitHub Actions, NodeJS, Sphinx

Product Documentation Intern - Red Hat

Bengaluru (India), January 2021 - June 2021 (6 months)

Worked with the Customer Content Services (CCS) Team, responsible for developing the OpenShift and DevTools Documentation while troubleshooting bugs, fixing and improving content quality.

  • Authored flexible and modular documentation for OpenShift, an enterprise-grade container platform, and Red Hat developer tool-sets.
  • Followed agile methodology of Documentation Development for regular User-Centric Updates.
  • Delivered release notes for the OpenShift Container Platform 4.6, 4.7 & 4.8 for Web Console Bug Fixes.
  • Delivered documentation for creating sample applications through the OpenShift Web Console.
  • Delivered documentation for Red Hat Certification's chart verifier tool to allow Red Hat partners to certify their Helm Charts on the OpenShift console.
  • Delivered documentation for securing webhooks with EventListeners in OpenShift pipelines.
  • Documented the ability to filter by the certification level of the Helm Chart on OpenShift.
  • Collaborated with the OpenShift DevTools team on a GitHub Issue/Pull Request dashboard for tracking development across OpenShift.

Technology: Asciidoctor, Git, OpenShift, Linux (RHEL), Golang, Docker

Developer Outreach - DeepSource

Remote, November 2020 - May 2021 (5 months)

Worked with the Developer Outreach team to promote DeepSource, an automatic static code analysis that helps identify issues, bug risks, anti-patterns, performance issues, and security flaws on every commit and pull request.

  • Reviewed issues, bugs, and anti-patterns as part of the Developer Outreach efforts.
  • Pitched in and assisted with the DeepSource integration as a static code analysis tool with various popular open-source projects.
  • Developed technical content in and around static code analysis with Python and JavaScript.
  • Developed a user guide for integrating Code Transformers with the DeepSource configuration.
  • Develop the Developer Outreach Handbook to coordinate efforts within the Developer Outreach Team.
  • Fixing bugs on the DeepSource Documentation.

Software Engineer - Qxf2

Bengaluru (India), July 2020 - October 2020 (4 months)

Worked on developing an Internal Survey Application to track the Company Culture and the Innovation drive and migrating the Technology from HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flask, and Quilt.

  • Developed reusable React components, using React Bootstrap, supporting admin dashboard, user dashboard, landing page, registration, and feedback forms.
  • Developing server-side code with FastAPI and Uvicorn, with efforts being made to minimize server latency.
  • Migrated the Database Storage of the application from Quilt to Neo4j using a Python Pandas Script.
  • Deployed the Internal Survey Application on an AWS EC2 Instance using an Ubuntu AMI, with GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines.
  • Wrote Automation Tests for the Weather Shopper application using Selenium and the Page Object Model Framework.
  • Collate Python exercises to use with future Qxf2 interns.

Technology: ReactJS, React Bootstrap, React Context API, FastAPI, Neo4j, Page Object Model, Selenium, AWS EC2, Docker, Git

Side Projects

  • WebEdge: Easy-to-use Command Line Interface tool to provide an SEO package for websites and webpages to optimize their accessibility, using Python, Requests, BeautifulSoup, and various third-party APIs.
  • WebFlux: Software-as-a-Service built using NextJS, Flask and ChakraUI to provide a user-interface for developers to optimize their webpages and websites, using a rank-based algorithm to provide automated suggestions.
  • Helping Hand: Flutter-based Mobile Application to allow visually impaired people to navigate using Deep Learning models, built and integrated using Tensorflow and TFLite.
  • Malarial Detection: Deep-Learning powered Web Application to allow the detection of malarial cells using Deep Learning models, using Tensorflow, Flask and HTML-Bootstrap.
  • Polyglot Kernel: IPython wrapper kernel around MetaCall Core to allow cross-language function calls on a Jupyter interface, with Python 3.x and NodeJS support.
  • Community Website: Community Website of moja global that caters to a global community of 700+ members and is a hub for contributors to learn and contribute to projects at moja global.


Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

August 2018 - July 2022

  • Major: Computer Science and Engineering
  • CGPA: 8.79/10


  • Winner of Capgemini Codealore Hackathon 2021.
  • Winner of MLH Fellowship Sprint 0 "Open Innovation" Hackathon.
  • Winner of MLH Fellowship Sprint 4 "Developer Tools & Productivity" Hackathon.
  • Winner of Machine Learning Hackathon organized by School of Computing and Information Technology department.
  • Winner of Competitive Coding competition organized by School of Computing and Computer Science department.
  • First Runner-up at Hack4Good 2019 Hackathon organized by DSC-SIST and School of Computing.
  • First Runner-Up at Hack Infinity 2.0 2020 Hackathon organized by DA-IICT Center for Entrepreneurship and Incubation.
  • Second Runner-Up at Project Expo organized by Ministry of Human Resource Development and Innovation Cell.
  • Microsoft Student Partner 2020.
  • Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador 2020.
  • Silver Medallist at TATA Essay Competition.

Last updated on March 2022 (hopelessly outdated!).

An old PDF version of the above resume can be found here.