My open source side projects and stuff that I built with my colleagues at work


LocalStack Docker Desktop Extension

LocalStack Docker Extension allows you to control & manage LocalStack via Docker Desktop. This extension is a part of the Docker Extension marketplace with over 15K+ downloads.

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Qxf2 Internal Survey Application

Full-Stack Internal Survey Application built using ReactJS, FastAPI, Neo4j and AWS EC2 to track internal employee responses and work culture!

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Polyglot Kernel - IPython wrapper around MetaCall Core library

Google Summer of Code 2021 project under MetaCall to develop a Polyglot Jupyter Kernel for cross-language function calls between Python and NodeJS on a Jupyter Notebook interface.

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Moja global Community Website

Community website aims to serve a glimpse of moja global's projects and their work to the wider community by hosting projects, case studies, blogs, tutorials, and more 🚀

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Re-Engineering CI/CD pipelines for SciPy

Project geared towards re-engineering CI/CD pipelines for SciPy to make them more efficient to use with GitHub Actions 🚀

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Side Projects

Team Blind Review dataset

Blind App Dataset is a dataset of reviews of over 25 companies, distributed across tech & consulting, and what their employees think about their workplace. The data is available in a CSV and a JSON file. Each review has a Rating, Description, Pros, Cons, Author Info & Resignation Reason.

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WebEdge - Bringing Edge to your Web Performance

Rise of Web has heralded the increasing ways in which we optimize Digital Performance. With SEO and Web Performance playing an important part, Developers feel lost around Performance needs. WebEdge aims to fix this!

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Rotten Scripts - Scripts that will make you go WOW!

Open-sourced collection of Scripts in various languages for various purposes, sponsored and contributed to by the community! Featured on GitHub Trending Page #1 🚀

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NewsFresh - Fake News & Misinformation Detector

Full-Stack Fake News detection application built using Django, MySQL, Bootstrap UI and Scikit-Learn; Winner of Smart India Hackathon 2020 Internal and runner-up at Hack Infinity 2.0 🚀

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Helping Hands - Mobile application to help the Visually Impaired see and navigate

Helping Hands is a Flutter-based mobile application that helps visually impaired people to see and navigate using Deep learning models built using Tensorflow. Winner of MLH Fellowship Sprint 0 Hackathon 🚀

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